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Environmental Day

These are some ways to protect the environment...

A: Appreciate everything natures gives us

B: Beaches need to stay clean

C: Clean up after yourself

D: Don't buy polyester

E: Energy needs to be used wisely

F: Find sustainable products

G: Give kindness to wildlife

H: Help and contribute to nature

I: Importance of nature is 100%

J: Join the sustainable community

K: Kindness belongs to nature

L: Let everything live

M: Minimize use of plastics

N: No to harmful pesticides

O: Optimize use of natural resources

P: Plant more trees

Q: Quantity of plastic needs to be 0%

R: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

S: Save water

T: Trees are important

U: Use a composter

V: Visualize what you can do to protect the environment

W: Water is necessary

X: X to plastics

Y: You are a part of earth so take care of it

Z: Zebras and other animals are still endangered

Thank you,

Tahan and Aila

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