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Our Earth

The earth is the third planet from the sun. It is full of life! But soon our only home, could become nothing! With us running A/C's, Fans, Heaters, Lights, Cars, Planes, iphones, ipads, computers, and etc. With us destroying Wildlife and corrupting the planets natural resources we could become nothing unless we tell ourselves to stop! To stop using to much electricity from fossil fuels, to stop emitting to many green house gases, to conserve, protect, and understand the systems of wildlife and the use of our planet's natural resources! And instead, minimize complete use of electricity or install solar panels and use as much electricity for 5 billion years, without worrying, start using public transport and minimize all air transport or buy an electric car!, do not buy animal made products, and think before you buy anything whether you need it, or you want it! These simple acts are widely supported by the Global Goals, SDG's association, so if you follow all of them, you could be a 100% sustainable person!!

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